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1. Failing to answer the question “Who are you?”
Make sure that your audience knows what you have to offer. Don’t leave anyone confused by your website’s purpose.

What factors makes your business the best choice among your competitors? This should be clearly and very quickly communicated on your homepage and landing pages.

2. Your foundation is crumbling.
Websites need to be updated. This could mean re-vamping the design every few years so that it looks modern OR it could mean publishing new content daily or weekly.

Petovera recently updated their website design and the results were amazing. Traffic increased, as well as conversions.

According to a study from Carleton University in Ottawa, people develop an impression of your website in the first 50 milliseconds of viewing. That’s about as fast as a single frame of standard TV!

If your website looks like it was designed in 2008, and its usability is not as friendly as your competitor’s, chances are good that your visitors are bouncing out (without converting)!

(Also Google now also prefers Responsive Designs.)

3. Where’s the quality content?
Know your services offerings; ensure that each has its own dedicated service page with quality content. Try to avoid having one service page listing all of your offerings with short bullet points. It doesn’t do much in informing & converting your visitors, nor does it do you any favors when it comes to SEO.

Make sure you spend time performing good keyword research. People use numerous variations of keywords to search for your product offerings & services. In some cases, the industry specific acronyms, or highly technical terms you may use, may not be used widely by your customers.

A large portion of your web traffic is actually performing research and establishing buying criteria*. This is why content is critical. Know your audience and have quality content that effectively showcases your capabilities.Quality content helps convert, and also has tremendous SEO value

4. Trust is lacking.
Are users recommending your company to friends?

Are users engaging with your company through social media?

Are users able to comment and have discussions on your website?

Are you receiving positive feedback on social media and through the comment sections?

What are your users discussing?

What do they want?

Testimonials, trust badges, social proof, FAQs, and guarantees are all great examples of showcasing trustworthiness. (Interested in a more in-depth article on the necessity of trustworthiness to your brand? Read this article here.)

Being a trusted site means better conversion rates, whether that’s buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter, so it’s an important goal to achieve.

5. Don’t forget about calls to action.
Ever go onto a website and struggle to find the contact page?

That’s a non-successfull website because it’s conversion rates are probably very low.

No one wants to hunt around on a website – the whole idea of the web is QUICK access to information!

Every successful website needs to be showing their audience what to do next through CTAs.

A call to action can vary, pending on your offering: Perhaps it is a “Free Consult”, “Free Estimate”, “Download Now”, “Book Now”, “Buy Now”, “Order Sample”, etc.

Here is the list for a quick review of successful CTAs:

actionable languagematching CTA copy and landing page copyvalue clearly definedtime sensitiveBIGcolorfulclickablealt text addedCTA is prominentA/B testingPersonalize CTA for different segments of your audience


Make sure your website is not only generating traffic but is able to convert and access quality leads through that traffic. That ability will prove your website’s success.

od resources to keep on hand when reviewing your website.
Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why your website may not be generating leads for you:

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