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How Lookalike Audience Revolutionizes The Advertising Industry Lookalike

How Lookalike Audience Revolutionizes The Advertising Industry Lookalike

Audience is far more complex. It’s literally revolutionizing advertising history. No exaggeration. As you now know, Facebook has a goldmine of data. Yet the team within Facebook took this to the next level. Two years ago, Facebook was testing this, and the results they found were shocking. They’ve rolled out this feature immediately and not many people were aware of it until the last year or so. So what is Lookalike Audience, and why am I singing its praises? Lookalike Audience is basically a group that shares similar interests and similar behaviors as your initial audience. The initial audience can be either your customer list, your website trac, or even your Facebook page fans. Once you’ve conrmed with Facebook who your initial audiences are, Facebook looks through their entire database of 1.44 billion active users to nd new prospects for you. These new prospects share similar interests and behaviors as your initial audience. In other words, Facebook does all the work to help you nd new customers. Lookalike Audience is a must-use feature within Facebook. Not only does it allow you to acquire more new customers, it will also deliver a better ROI.

Whenever I share with people this knowledge about Facebook’s Lookalike Audience functionality, I always get the same question: How do I set it up? Then the next question: Can you please show me how to do that? I would typically tell them to look in the Facebook’s platform and you’ll nd it. But for you, I want to show you step by step how to do this. I will do this as a courtesy for downloading my free white paper and reading this far. If I were you, I wouldn’t ignore this. It can mean a sizable dierence in your number of customers and sales! What’s most important to me is that you apply what I’ve shared with you and be a small part of your success. Alright, let’s dive into this.
Step 1. Locating the Audience Page.
Step 2. Create Custom Audience
(Skip this and go straight to step 4 if you’ve already have a customer audience list)
You need to create a custom audience list to let Facebook know which initial audience you want them to run the Lookalike Audience on.
Step 3. Choose The Type Of Audience
How To Setup Lookalike Audiences You would want to choose either Customer List or Website Trac. To maximize the Lookalike Audience functionality and nd new customers that will purchase from you, I would suggest you rst upload your Customer List. Then, Facebook will ask you to upload a le or copy and paste them into their website. Simply follow the simple steps they provide. At this point, it is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve nished creating your initial custom audience, simply wait for the availability status to change to READY.
4. Create Your Lookalike Audience
Step 5 Select Your Source & Country
Simply click on the two elds and select your options. Obviously the source is your initial custom list that you want Facebook to run the lookalikes for you. Now for country, if you are running an online business, I would suggest to just go with United States rst. If you are a local business, then select the country of your business. Click “Create Audience”. Wait for the READY prompt again under the availability column. Then viola! You’re done! Now, you may be wondering where else you can use it. Simply create a new ad set or new campaign. Then where you are putting in your targeting information, there’s a eld that is optional on custom audience. Simply select your lookalike list, and you’re done!
Now, for my advanced advertisers who have already created a Lookalike Audience, I have something that will take your precision targeting capability to the next level! A word of warning — for anyone just starting out, this may get a little complicated and confusing. What I am about to share is one of the major secrets that allows me to spend hundreds of thousands on Facebook with an immediate ROI. I call this Lookalike on Steroids.
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