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A kind Of Destiny , We Rise By Lifting Others.

A kind Of Destiny , We Rise By Lifting Others. I believe the world is one big family and we need to Help Each Other. And some successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking " What's in it for me ? " Always Live In Victory Everyday (ALIVE) Foundation is the charitable arm of Alliance In Motion Global. The company is not just a typical MLM business, but it also focused on different charitable efforts. AIM Global gives back to the…

How Aim World I Protect Can Really Help You

https://youtu.be/KM_LCf4KUAo Things you need to know about AIM WORLD 1. AIM WORLD IS AN ONLINE DIVISION OF ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INC. – AIM World is NOT a new company 2. AIM GLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THE NPP (NEW PRODUCT POLICY) TO BE PART OF AIM WORLD. – Only 1 NPP is required for all accounts. – After Encoding your NPP, all your AIM Global accounts will be converted to AIM World Accounts together with your existing points and genealogy. 3. AIM WORLD IS 100% ONLINE BUSINESS…