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A kind Of Destiny , We Rise By Lifting Others.

A kind Of Destiny , We Rise By Lifting Others. I believe the world is one big family and we need to Help Each Other. And some successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking " What's in it for me ? " Always Live In Victory Everyday (ALIVE) Foundation is the charitable arm of Alliance In Motion Global. The company is not just a typical MLM business, but it also focused on different charitable efforts. AIM Global gives back to the…
How to Imagine your Pass

“How to Motivate your Self “

"How to Motivate your Self "<!-- by using to imagine the pass. Imageine mo to mabuti ,!!! Naalala mo ba noong Bata ka,? Natandaan mo ba ,na Nangangarap ka subra , Yong pinangarap mo na maging Prencipe at Prencisa . Pinangarap mo rin na maging presidente paglaki mo , At pinapangarap mo na marami kang pera ,para makapunta ka sa ibat ibang lugar at mabili mo lahat ng gusto mo. Naalala mo ba yon.? Tapos nang kaisip kana, natandaan mo ba? Kung bakit ka nagsumikap mag-aral at makatapos . Di ba ! Dahil…

How Aim World I Protect Can Really Help You Things you need to know about AIM WORLD 1. AIM WORLD IS AN ONLINE DIVISION OF ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL INC. – AIM World is NOT a new company 2. AIM GLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THE NPP (NEW PRODUCT POLICY) TO BE PART OF AIM WORLD. – Only 1 NPP is required for all accounts. – After Encoding your NPP, all your AIM Global accounts will be converted to AIM World Accounts together with your existing points and genealogy. 3. AIM WORLD IS 100% ONLINE BUSINESS…

Guide How to Start Aim Global

  A Guide to Aim Global Business Guide To Newly Registered Members Getting Started:   What to the Next: R - Register. U- Use the products. L - Learn how to present. E - Earn by sharing the business.  S - Set your goals. 1. Use this AIM ONLINE PRODPECTING SYSTEM to your business  . Learn and Understand how to work this system sa  business na binubuild mo. Para maging simple at profitable , at hindi mo kailangan mag-laan ng maraming oras para sa gawin ang business . At maari mo pa rin…

How The Realty In Life In the Initial years of our life,we forget our health,while going after wealth... In the later years of our life,we spend our wealth to take care of our health... Remember: "Health is not everything,but if you dont have good health,everything else is nothing!" Prevention is better and cheaper than cure!!! Take C24/7 everyday to prevent and avoid any diseases cause by free radicals around us. For orders and for more information please Click Here

How To Build a Traffic Siphoning Marketing Funnel

October 4, 2015 @ 1:00 pm
Would you let Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube and other sites control your online business? Or would you like to control it yourself? Would you want to be in a position to lose your online income suddenly because Google decides to drop your rankings, or because Facebook shuts down your fan page or YouTube shuts down your channel? Of course, you’d like to control your own business and not be at the mercy of other sites. To run a sustainable business online you need to create a marketing…

Just Diamonds

Let me tell you a story about true wealth. One day, two very proud Jewellers were in the street, debating who had the biggest, most beautiful diamonds. "I've got the biggest diamonds!” shouted one man. The other said, "Well, I've got the most beautiful diamonds!” Their voices were loud and angry. A third man approached them and smiled, "My name is Ibrahim Matta Zakariya Yunus Al-Yasa Efraim Dawud bin Tariq bin Khalid Al-Fulan.” "What?” the two Jewellers asked. "Just call me Ibrahim. If that's…
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How Lookalike Audience Revolutionizes The Advertising Industry Lookalike

Audience is far more complex. It’s literally revolutionizing advertising history. No exaggeration. As you now know, Facebook has a goldmine of data. Yet the team within Facebook took this to the next level. Two years ago, Facebook was testing this, and the results they found were shocking. They’ve rolled out this feature immediately and not many people were aware of it until the last year or so. So what is Lookalike Audience, and why am I singing its praises? Lookalike Audience is basically…


1. Failing to answer the question “Who are you?” Make sure that your audience knows what you have to offer. Don’t leave anyone confused by your website’s purpose. What factors makes your business the best choice among your competitors? This should be clearly and very quickly communicated on your homepage and landing pages. 2. Your foundation is crumbling. Websites need to be updated. This could mean re-vamping the design every few years so that it looks modern OR it could mean publishing…

Attraction Awareness

Foreword If you are experiencing hard times in your life, it is very important that you become familiar with the term “law of attraction,” or LOA. The law of attraction states that you are basically responsible for all the circumstances of your life, whether good or bad. You draw everything into your life that exists. You have the power to create positive circumstances in your life, you just have to know how to harness the power of the law of attraction. The law of attraction has to do with…